Top 10 Study Tips for FINAL exams

Monday, December 3, 2018

It's that time of year again loves!!! 
I have some tips for you that have really helped me during these past 5 years as a college student. I hope to help and inspire ya'll to keep going! :) 

1. Make a plan 

  • What are you studying first?
  • What is the priority?
  • What is the subject you have the most difficult time with?
I have learned with my 5 years of college experience that studying for my first exam first is always more important. I start with my first test, plan out what materials I need to study and get it ready wether it is hard copy in a folder/binder/journal or if it's online material I create a folder on my desktop to keep me organized. 

Then I use my organizer to plan out my times and dates of when I will be studying. 
Once I finish with my first subject I follow up with the next one depending on the order they fall in during finals! 

Once my first exam comes up I review for it 2 days before that way it is fresh in my head and have a kick review the day before that way I don't over exhaust my brain. 

2. Pick a place
One of the most important things is the SETTING you are in.
The best setting to be in is where the people around you are also working.
If I stay home and no one is working I am more relaxed and have no motivation to get things done.
However, when I pick an environment where other people are working I feeling capable of anything! My go to places are school, a library, or my fav spot of all COFFEE SHOPS!

 3. Pick a time 
Are you a morning person or a night owl? Pick the time that suits YOU best!
Don't study too past your bedtime either because pushing yourself late a night can make you to tired and you aren't really studying anymore... might as well be asleep :P

4. Discover your best learning style
We all learn differently. Get to know your best learning style, how do you feel more comfortable? Whatever it is your prefer study that way! 
Here are some different types of of studying techniques, 
  • Visual learners prefer to learn by seeing. Try using different colors in your notes and draw diagrams to help represent key points. You can reference these during study time and because you were able to see them... you will find yourself have mini flashbacks of what you created to remember a certain something. 
  • Auditory learners prefer to learn by listening. Try reading your notes aloud and discussing them with other people. You might like to record key points and play them back. Me and my friend would always find ways to study out loud we would make funny things up that rhymed with what we were learning and remember easier using that during our exams. 
  • Tactile/kinesthetic learners prefer to learn by doing. Try using techniques like role-playing or building models to revise key points. Oh yes... they say if you really know something you can teach it. Study by teaching someone else what you know! 

5. Study EVERYDAY 
Studying a little at a time you will be continually reviewing information for your brain to grasp a hold of. This helps to keep you at ease so that you aren't cramming so much information all in one night.
My friends... I know we think we work better under pressure but um... we really don't sorry not sorry.
I use to think I did but it doesn't work that way for exams, sadly.
If you feel that there is not enough time... ask for hours off of work, cut back in those activities just for the mean time! The priority to to take care of you health all while prepping for your exams.

6. DO take breaks 
Yes... contradicts #4 a little but YOU have to take a break!
If you feel stressed, have a headache, or simply brain dead
close that journal, turn off that laptop, and go do something fun and exciting or
SLEEP! WE all need sleep lets be real! It's okay to take breaks every once in a while as long as we are using that time wisely.

7. Ask for help 
Don't be afraid to ask for help! Find a study group to work with preferably those who are motivated and know there stuff because ya know you don't wanna be in a study group where are you do is talk about parties and stuff... not productive at all :P
Find a tutor on campus, most campuses offer free tutors, or areas where you can get help from other students who are tutors in different subjects.
I am that person... always asking for help:) hahahaha

8. Don't forget to EAT!
ya'll real talk us college students forget to eat... we get so caught up in the moment we skip meals and by the time we know it we are in bed ready to sleep and feel empty inside and realize we went the entire day without eating.
Around that plan that you make... plan your meals! Make sure they are rich in protein so that your brain and body maintain healthy through this stressful process!

9. More in depth planning 
Set alarms- it's good to have alarms set for your daily plan.
Breaks, food, naps, material change, etc.
Make to do lists-There is so much more we have to get done other then studying. Make a daily to do list in the morning when you wake up everyday to have what you need to get done fresh in your mind. Make it a goal to check off what you have a accomplished to feel like a BOSS.
Set time limits- I know we wanna do so much... and then we get distracted with our phones and social media BUT NO! Set time limits if you are gonna study for 45min set that time limit where you are not gonna check social media nor your phone during that time period. Once you have completed this task feel free to treat your self with the latest music video on youtube by Ariana Grande who I lav so much!

You are here for a reason right?
Wether you are studying to be a doctor, a teacher, engineer, nurse, business man/women, YOU have a purpose. Remind yourself of why you are doing this. What does this mean for your future?

I know it's hard loves... things don't get easier, we simply get better or worse at doing things and I say WE GET BETTER together!!!

Tip from one of my fav girls on INSTA Urechi "#1 tip for studying: eat well before you start, hydrate as often as you need and take short frequent breaks - bc the better you treat your mind and body, the better your brain treats you."

Thank you for that tip URECHI :D

I'd love to hear how you study! What are some study tips you recommend? 

PS. These are some of my grad PICS!!! December 16th is so so CLOSE!



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