Finding the perfect HOLIDAY DRESS

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Hello beautiful people. So sorry for being MIA... my beautiful grandmother has left to meet the LORD. It's been a tough couple of days and writers block is very real but I felt the need to hop back on here to share some of my favorite dresses for the holiday season. Wether you are shopping online or in store I hope to help you find the perfect dress for the holiday season! 
(Special thanks to limelightsanantonio for this beautiful image all other photos taken by Guadalupe Photography  edited by Yours Truly :P )
Something I have always looked for in dresses is feeling comfortable and SASSY! I love this red dress that my boyfriend got me for my birthday other then the fact that I had way too much CAKE and my tummy is all over the place I feel Gorgeous and COMFY! :p you know got to embrace the fluffiness and all that jazz :D 
This spot in San Antonio is my favorite place to take pictures right now because 1 it is close to my house & 2 because they decorate it so beautifully! Eilan Hotel is such a cute spot for pictures, to go eat, have a couple drinks, and to stay if you are visiting!
Taking TeddyBeary with me called for a lot of attention but we had a blast with all the kids getting as excited as me seeing a giant bear :D

Some of my favorite places to shop for every occasion but especially for dresses are (drumb roll please)....

Look no further for those amazing deals! Sparkly dresses, velvet dresses, OH my! 
Every time I am ready to go short or go long I come Dillards! 
Cute, sophisticated dresses for you maybe even your little one! 
Sweater dresses, long dresses, unique dress, long dresses, short dresses, YOU name it! 
Gotta love Nordstrom's unique style and creativity! 
My mom loves this place! It's very age appropriate for my older women! Got look sexy at all ages ya know what I mean?
Well... I am no longer 21 but I still hit this place up because sometimes I find the cutest things for the best price! My boyfriend has learned how to shop sales from me cause the better deal the better for our wallets he snatched my red dress for $8!!! INSANE right? I am so proud lol! 
A whole new world! Be YOU! literally, you kind find some the cutest and most unique styles here! 
I want everything kid you not :P 
I hope you all have been enjoying the holidays and continue to spend time with your friends and family. Remember it is the time of year to put that phone down and truly enjoy the presence of your love ones! Sending you each my love and prayers!


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