Netflix Movies to Cozy up to this Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

I have been so in love with these teddy styled jackets I couldn't help but buy myself one in red... and I also have a tan color added to cart ready to purchase from ZAFUL because it is on sale for $23.99 :D Good deal? I think,YES! Teddy Beary was a little mad because, well he thinks we killed his family to make the jackets... I tried to make him understand that it's just the name of the jacket But, he doesn't believe me. :p Anyhow, this holiday season I plan on spending my free time in my living room watching all the cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix. 

Some of my favs are: 
1. A Christmas Star
2.A Christmas Prince
3.A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding
 4. A Holiday Engagement 
5. The Christmas Chronicles
6. Christmas Crush 
7. Christmas Wedding Planner 
8. Dear Santa
9. The Princess Switch 
10. Christmas Inheritance 

I am a sucker for love and funny movies that most men wouldn't watch but my cheesy self loves loves them :D 

I linked some of my favorites from my picture, 
May you find your own teddy bear jacket and may you be having a wonderful holiday season along with Netflix movies and hot chocolate 


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