So... I didn't get the job

Monday, December 10, 2018

 Here it is... that feeling of disappointment...
I had my first group interview for a teaching position and while other were getting emails for a second interview I sat down alone refreshing my email for something that never came in. I knew adult life sucked and that not everyone would just say "YES! We want you." but, at the same time I felt a little sad. One... it's at a school I really enjoy so that was a bust but secondly I don't know if it's because of my personality? You know sometimes people just don't click with you and when they don't they put you aside without knowing who you really are and what you are capable of.

 Surprisingly, I didn't cry. I thought with the heartache I have been facing I would have at least shed a tear but NOPE! I didn't cry and I definitely don't feel "sorry" for myself. The disappointment I feel is towards how job interviews are conducted now a days. There seems to be no more what have you done? what can you do? what drives you? are you willing to learn? NO. Instead people ask for years of experience even when they clearly know some of us have just graduated ANNOYING am I right? Some look for those who can answer best on the spot, who kisses butt, and who they see that "looks" the part... and to me well, that is disappointing.
 I know no great place is a great place without great people... so I have come to an understanding that maybe I just wasn't the right fit for the spot. Instead of crying and feeling sorry for myself I decided to remain positive because I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. If something is for you it will be for you and if it's not, it simply won't no matter how much you seem to want it.  Doesn't mean not getting the job doesn't suck, it just means that we must live, learn, and move on to the next adventure.
Maybe I am suppose to focus on my passions and on my blog? Maybe I should push my small photography business until I have passed all my state exams and am ready to start my teaching journey? Maybe big blessings are coming and I am not seeing that God is working wonders for the future... my future? I don't know if any of you have been through something like this... if you have I encourage you to take the high road, to smile, and remember God is always working! We may not get that first time big break but we will get the next one or the next. You are worth it my friend and the right job, with the right people, will come! Patience, positivity, and persistence is key!
Here are a couple things I recommend you do during tough times like these...
1. Acceptance - Sometimes some jobs/places are not for us and that's ok.
2. Ask for feedback- Maybe you can contact the person(s) who interviewed you and see if you can get any feedback as to why you weren't selected and how you can better yourself. 
3. Don't give up! - Just because you didn't get that first job doesn't mean you won't get the second or third...let's be real getting a good job for a first job or even at all is very hard these days.
4. Ask yourself - Is there anything else I can do? Am I sure I even want to do this? 
5.  Love yourself - A bad moment is not a bad life, remember your worth and how incredible you are I always say... "they are gonna wish they had me" ya know makes me feel better and also cause in my mind it's true and it should be true for you too! 
6. Keep applying - Don't be scared to get turned down again! Believe me it happens! That's what life is all about following down 9 times and getting up 10! 

Once the right job comes you will be so happy and thankful you won't even be sad about the hard times anymore! Remember that all good things take time
Here is an article from the that shares how you can find out why you didn't get the job. The Glassdoor even shares a template that you can use to send to the hiring manager an email if you'd wish to learn from your experience. I am cheering for you and for you success! 
I hope this helped you... or that maybe you can share this with someone you know going through the same thing. Feel free to share your story in the comments, you never know who you might inspire!


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