Saturday, December 15, 2018

They say that smiling can change the world. I for one am a big believer of that! Smiling can change your day from bad to good... but what makes someone smile so confidently? If you said brushing and taking care of your teeth YOU my friend are correct! Brushing is SO important just as important as drinking water or watching that new episode of This is Us let's be real what would life be without these things? 
 For almost month I have been brushing my teeth with the CariPro electric toothbrush and all I can say is WOWWZZZZAA!!! Ok so I am real big about how clean and white my teeth are because if you haven't notice I smile... ALOT! Wish my regular tooth brush I found my self using my nails to scratch off food from my teeth and trying to get ride of all that plaque that made my teeth feel so yucky not to mention the bacteria that causes bad breath (peeee yyooouuuu) 
 Well my friends let me just say that I am truly amazed with my new electric toothbrush and I am a little disappointed in myself for not have brushed with one of these sooner but hey sooner is better than latter right? :P

There are 5 different brush settings on this awesome toothbrush. (clean, white, massage, gum care, sensitive).  The super fascinating thing about the toothbrush is that after 30 seconds there is a quick pause indicating you to brush another side of your mouth that way you brush all side equally for a total of 2min! 2 minuets TOO EASY!!! 
this is the base setting to clean your teeth unlike a manual toothbrush I feel like I don't have to scrub so hard to get that squeaky clean feeling!


this mode is a little bit harder on your teeth because it's really working to get those teeth clean! I swear every time I brush I feel like I am at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned by a professional.
I noticed that were the coffee stains on my teeth were becoming visible they are now disappearing! YAY ME!!

I was a little confused at first because all I thought about   "A massage for my mouth?" YES! Exactly! It's a massage for your teeth and your gums! It feels so fun! It's an extra way to thank your teeth for allowing you to wear that smile proud and confidently!
lets remember that we aren't only taking care of our pearly whites but our gums are just as important and this setting is perfect because it's not so harsh on your gums and it gets the perfect amount of cleaning done and done!
for all my people that after a little scrubbing your gums start to bleed this is for you loves! CariPro has got your back never worry about scrubbing to harshly and then bleeding (I'm one of those sometimes I would brush so hard I'd start to bleed!) Not any more thanks to my wonderful electric toothbrush!
 Overall, I highly recommend you get yourself to SMILE BRILLIANT  page to check out my fancy toothbrush and all the other wonderful things they have in store for you to protect that gorgeous smile of yours that way even on your toughest days you will want to smile!

Because I love my toothbrush so much I want you to feel the same confidence about your smile!
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