Travel Packing List for the Winter

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Where are you going? Somewhere cold where you can sit by a fire and feel nice and toasty? Somewhere to go skiing? A place you can build a fort and have a snow ball fights with loved ones? Or on an adventure where you are going to see new places but have to figure out how to stay warm? Whatever or wherever it may be... You have come to the right place! I am leaving soon across the waters somewhere I have never been before and I think i'll keep it as a surprise until I arrive over there. (insert monkey emoji covering his eyes here) It's a cold place... very cold so I am getting my stuff together and decided to help you pack for a winter trip as well! 

One of my favorite bloggers is absolutely amazing! Check her out @ jessicamariekelley  :) Apart from being a phenomenal blogger she has her own shop jessicamariedesign where you can purchase printable designs to keep organized and much more! 

This is the Travel Planner I purchased to help keep organized. I get to create my own packing list, put my itinerary together and write down any destination information! Apart from staying organized I love the fun colors of this planner! 

I see this as a way to not only assist me during my trip but as a form to keep tabs on where I have been! I plan to create a travel binder of the places I have been, explored, and just loved! A book where I can go through all my adventures and remember where I went, what I ate, what places I visited while I was there and look back at if I ever plan to go again! Literally an investment for my travel! I plan on building it and showing to my friends and family once it gets a little bigger but how cool is that? It's literally my own personal travel journal! Or you can call it my scrap book but instead of just posting it online I will be creating my own hard copy for many years to come! 

Alright... the wait is over... here is our winter trip packing list! 

Travel Essentials 
[  ] Passport 
[  ] ID/Licence 
[  ] Booking confirmation if flying and don't forget to check in! 

Clothing items 
[  ]At least 2 pairs of jeans 
[  ]If you like styling things up 2 pairs of fun pants 
[  ]Long thick trousers (even consider Long johns)
[  ]At least 3-4 coats - PRO TIP: wear them on so you don't have to pack them :P Jackets,Puffy Jacket Leather jacket Weather proof jacket 
[  ]Ear Muffs, beanies, and ski mask if need be 
[  ]Cozy, stylish, and comfy sweaters, cardigan  (some of my FAVS HERE!!!) 
[  ]Thick pairs of Socks 
[  ]Snow boots - preferably wear them on!
[  ]Black and brown booties? Check if needed for outfits! (Don't take more than you need!)  
[  ]1-3 work out outfits (gotta stay fit)  + shoes unless you do indoor workout with no shoes required 
[  ]Hats, gloves, scarfs, Ski mask 
[  ]Long sleeve t-shirts

Bed time items 
[  ] Pjs, undies, bras, towels 
[  ] Sleeping mask 
[  ] Book 
[  ] Journal (write down what you did everyday to unwind 

[  ] hair products be sure to check the voltage on your hair product! (don't want anything to explode) 
[  ] Face cream, Sunscreen & lip balm to protect your skin against the sun and cold temperatures.
[  ] Make-up bag mascara, blush, bronzer, powder, eye shadow, etc.
[  ] Pain killers even sleep time tea
[  ] make up wipes 
[  ] ToothBrush
[  ] Travel size (unless purchases when you arrive) shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and tooth paste
[  ] hair ties

[  ] Phone, cameras, laptop, headphones 
[  ]Chargers for phone, laptop, camera, headphones 
[  ]battery packs and polaroid camera/ film if need be

All other things 
[  ]If you are going abroad make sure you have checked with your phone company to get the international plan and don't forget to confirm with your bank that you will be able to use your card over there 
[  ]Take cash with you and get the correct currency if need be (take it out with time so you get it before take off)
[  ]Credit card would be good take for emergencies
[  ]Blanket and pillow for a long trip
[  ] Download songs and movies to your tablet/iphone in case you have nothing else to do during your flight
[  ]Plan ahead and know where you are going
[  ] Make copies of all your cards, ID's, and passport incase something goes missing
[  ]Let others know if you are traveling (keep them updated) travel is fun but it can also be dangerous 

Safe TRAVELS my loves!

love always, Jaslyn 

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