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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Whats up peeps?

I've been in college for 4 years now and it's been a tough ride. I love the great outdoors and getting outside of my comfort zone. The world I wish to explore but these days it is so hard. I've never been a big spender, however, I have a big calling to be where I am not. I have tried to figure out ways to save even it's just a little a time. I have a collection of piggy banks... and let me tell ya, I got way more piggies then I do cash...hehehe.

Tip #1
Every time you get paid, save a little.
I have piggy banks I use to save for trips! Every time I get paid I put a certain amount of $$$ in my piggy! Sometimes its $5 others it's $20 or more. Sure I had to sacrifice buying a new top or going out with the girls but I LOVE creating memories and enjoying the world around us. Even if you add a dollar a day it adds up to everything else! I'm excited to count how much I have saved these past couples of months!!!

Tip #2
Babysit! I love kids! I work with them every day! My regular part-time job helps me pay bills and food! My babysitting gig is money that is MINE! Oh yeah! I get supaa duppeerr pumped every time I babysit because I either put it in saving or I spoil my self a little bit :p Y'all I get out of babysitting and I feel like a champ!!!! It's not too hard to do and you get to pick out your schedule. There are plenty of websites you can sign up to babysit or talk to others who may need babysitting! You'll start making additional cash to save up for your future adventure!!!

Tip #3
Don't eat OUT! MEAL Plan!!
Y'all I struggle with this every weekend! I generally eat my meal prep Monday-Friday but on the weekends this girl eats out WAY too much. We generally spend about $60 if not more on ourselves eating out on the weekend...that's almost the cost of a one-way ticket!!!

Tip #4
Shop on AMAZON!!!
Have you compared prices between Amazon, target, and sams club?
I have been looking up ways to save a budget and found out that things like Tide detergent, toilet paper, paper towel, trash bags and all that jazz are much cheaper through Amazon than at the store!
Apart from all this if you're looking at buying in a bundle you can check out Amazon for the product you want and find it + much more that comes along with it!!!

Tip #5
Don't buy on impulse!
Yes... we all love to shop the feeling of a brand new top, pillow, etc makes us feel so cool but that doesn't last forever... Try finding what you want somewhere else for a better price or wait for it to go on sale! Or... if you don't need it.. don't get it. I have been crazy over wanting furniture for my room... I sleep on a mattress on the floor and have containers to store my stuff and as soon as I see a piece of furniture I can't help but wanna buy it but then realize what else I can do with that money and up not getting anything. Don't get me wrong I want some nice furniture to come home to but I know at this stage in my life it's ok! I have to pay for school!! ALMOST DONE!!!! WOOO!!!!

Tip #6
Paint your own nails!
It costs so much money to get our nails done being a girl ain't easy! Start painting your own nails and start saving those $30 you spend twice a month! Invest in your next adventure and see where you can go!

Tip #7
Are you artsy?
Sell your pieces online! I always wanted to be good at creating designs but I seriously can't!
Check out this is what I wish I could do! My sister is so talented!!! You can sell your designs on Etsy, Zazzle, and other websites! You got this!!!

#8 Plan Ahead!
Just how we plan what we are gonna do through out the week plan how much you are planning on spending. This helps out in the long run, when we budget and plan it is easier for us to not over spend when not needed as well helps us to plan what we are gonna do in greater extenet so we aren't in line at the grocery store and are turned down because we went over our budget :p (Its happend before jiji)

Life ain't easy! But there are changes we can do in order to explore the world around us and enjoy the little things. With a little more planning and saving You and I will be able to explore a little more of the wonderful world that surrounds us!

Wishing you all an incredible week! Go kick ASS!!!

XOXO Jaslyn

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