5 Random facts about me

Thursday, March 29, 2018

1. I study much BETTER sipping on coffee at a coffee shop. I am easily distracted so if I run into friends at school I end up talking to them for a good while and then my study sesh turns into a chit chat that lasts my entire study time. I truly enjoy being in an environment in which others are doing the same. PLUS, you can never go wrong with studying and coffee it's the perfect combination.
2. I am the type of person who could care less what others think. I literally love just running around and being my self. I'm that weird person that goes to the grocery store in her slippers slipping and sliding everywhere. I'm also like a lot of ya'll who take blog pics in front of an entire crowd and don't act any different then if I were alone. It's important to be yourself and love your self in every way. Embrace who YOU are!!!! 
 3. I am easily annoyed. Ya'll don't mess with me when I am tired or hungry.... I have so many pet peeves it's not even funny. One: Practice what you preach... two: put your signal when changing lanes three: don't be fake... I can tell. 4. Messy rooms... ok I admit my room isn't always in tip-top shape but I know whats in and why it's that way I can't go to a room that looks like a tornado came in 2013 and it hasn't been fixed since. Five: Don't just come to me when you are having issues. I want my people to want to be with me TO BE WITH ME... :P (needy? No I just get really sad when people disapear once there life is good again) Literally, I get sad.

 4.  I am a super ROMANTIC!!! Guys, I love LOVE. My Netflix is filled with show and movies about couples and I am obsessed when I have time I love watching the ones that are based on true stories because when I cry I know it's real stuff, however, I am currently watching This is Us with my boyfriend and we cry ALL THE TIME. They are such amazing actors I'm so sentimental I cry for animals and people I don't know that pass away... I'm literally always kicking, crying, and screaming during This is Us.

5. I love to DANCE! This girl gotsss movess :P No kidding I dance everywhere I go! Whether or not music is playing I'm always moving my body. I got voted for most likely to break out in dance at work and let's just say they do not lie. I will be out in the middle of the sidewalk and randomly twirl because in my head i'm in a music video having the time of my life.

You all have been so shy on here and I'd love for you to tell me a couple facts about YOU!!! 

Reminder: Always Be you, bravely. 

xoxo Jaz

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