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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

   Y'all I AM SO PUMPED!!! It's almost spring break and I have been everywhere but planning for a little getaway! Being adventurous and getting out there is always on my to-do list. It should be on yours too! We all NEED a break! Wouldn't it be nice if we got paid to go a vacation? That's my dream job so if you know how I can accomplish that goal comment below :P

I work 3 days out of the week so I am taking advantage of my 3 days off and let me just tell ya... I can't wait!!! My plans right now is to check out Son's Island at Lake Placid in New Braunfels.
Going with a couple friends for the day and it's only $109 (YAY clap clap clap) its currently on sale through Groupon! Kimberly (my homegirl) got such a great deal! The original price $220! It's for 8 people so we are gonna split the price to enjoy a beautiful day by the lake to swim, eat, kayak, and paddleboard! It's only a day thing so we will be there from 10am-7pm which to me is perfect because there is so much more to do!

Today i'm sharing with you a couple of things you can do in some of the most beautiful places in Texas! (The photo above was taken in Huatulco, Oaxaca which I will be talking about later, in another's just such a great shot I had to use it!)

..... Hope this helps!

Gardner State Park

      One of my favorite places to go! I love the hiking here at the Frio River! This is a great place to explore at, swim, kayak, and paddleboard. Ooo! Let's not forget a great place to cook out at! Can't have a swimming day without the cookout! 
My boyfriend, I love this place! We kayaked around the river and found some pretty cool spots! My boyfriend also jumped off a rope and into the water! I couldn't do it because let me just tell you... a couple years ago I got on the rope swing and it was pretty heavy I was ready but it took me and instead of hitting a guy in the water I fell on a huge tree trunk! That **** HURT! Never again... I am scarred for life!!! Anyhow, I watched him jump off that rope swing looking fine as hell... let's not get off topic though.. anyhow we also met a couple people during our hike and they told us about a cave in the mountain that was so cold it would dry all our sweat. Not only that but it goes a couple miles in! We went inside just a little but got out because we were very unprepared for that! I recommend taking bug spray, wearing long pants, socks, and a long sleeve top if you are gonna go in the cave since you will be crawling a lot and there will be a lot of different kinds of bugs! Also, take a small backpack with you with food and water just in case..... 

The water here is also very clear so feel free to bring you go pro for underwater adventures and enjoy your day! You can go for a day or camp out as well :) 

Austin, TX Lady Bird Lake

      Austin Texas... One of the greatest cities out there! Apart from the amazing food and the famous sixth street, there is a lot of outdoors to enjoy! You can rent out a kayak or paddle board and enjoy your spring break in the great outdoors! Be sure to arrive early,  bring snacks and plenty of water!!
If you are down for a picnic be sure to get some yummy food from any food truck (you simply can't go wrong) and head out to zilker park for some beautiful views and fun! Bring your vollyball, waterguns, water baloons, ANYTHING!

South Padre Island

    Who doesn't like chillin' by the beach? I love going to the beach to run and play in the sand and just enjoying the sound of the waves and the brightness of the sun and the way the ocean looks at night. The day/nightlife is always bumping and you can have an overall good time whether you are a homebody or not.... my girlfriends and I had such a great time! We ate a lot, watched the sunrise and it was the most beautiful thing! Airbnb gots you covered if you aren't about that hotel life. Be sure to stop by for your goodies before getting to the island! There is a small grocery store and you may not find everything you need.

Chalk Bluff Park

    A hidden gem in Uvalde, TX is a place I have been going to twice a year for 3 years now... this place is a great place to come have fun with friends and family! You can choose to camp out or rent a cabin for a couple days! There is no hiking trail... you kind of have to find your own way but WARNING be safe it is an amazing adventure but can be very dangerous! You are literally hiking.. so come prepared with gear and a first aid kit! Also... go early not late! It's easy to get lost and get stuck there once the sun sets... it happened to us... other than that the park is beautiful! I had never seen so many stars in my life.. you can see everything! Not an empty spot in the sky... so romantic (wooo for all my lovebirds out there.) P.s. stop at the Walmart in Uvalde there is no corner stores or anything nearby!

Hamilton Pool

 Ya'll... This place is so BEAUTIFUL! The water is also ice cold! I was so pumped to come here. I finally checked it off my bucket list! My friends and I started off the day getting our food from H-E-B (grocery store) we got chips, sandwhiches and fruit because grills are not allowed in this area. (keep that in mind) Reservations are sometimes required so be sure to check their website for day to day updates! Some days you can swim others you can't so be sure to plan ahead! It is such a beautiful place. Make sure to have your picnic blankets prepared and sunscreen! Also, there is a hike you can take to a flowing river not too far of a walk from the natural pool area and lots of pretty nature areas as you walk to the river! Be cautious of your surroundings and especially if your going with little ones, the water is heavy since its a natural swimming pool so try to stay above water the deeper you go the heavier the water gets above you. I recommend bring floats with you as well. Nothing too big because its a good hike down to the pool area. Take pictures, swim lots, and enjoy!

Lost Maples

You may be wondering what I am doing with my hands... well I am wearing the world. I have been an ambassador for a company called Serengetee. They give back to the world with every purchase, not only that but each purchase you make comes from different places around the world. For example, the backpack I am wearing is from Peru. With this purchase, I give back to children who attended school so that they can buy school supplies. Here is the link... CHECK IT OUT!
This was our first time hiking together and WE LOVED IT! The views are gorgeous and the water was nice and cold! We went last year early January and it was the most perfect weather! However, during spring break you can get into the water comfortably!

Enchanted Rock

 Not too far from the San Antonio Area you can find one of the cutest little towns! Besides having a cute downtown area to check out filled with boutiques and restaurants you can enjoy the great outdoors hiking at the enchanted rock! Doggy friendly as well for those dog parents out there! The hike isn't too crazy... but you do need to stay hydrated! There a tons of cute squirrels looking for friends and food! Make sure you don't feed them anything crazy :p they will chill around you and trick you into thinking they want to get closer to you just to get your food! Great photo opportunities and a good place for a picnic! I recommend bringing your picnic basket and blanket to chill at the top of the rock and have a good meal! Preferably fruits and sandwiches since it's the easiest thing to keep fresh during your hike! There are also different mountains you can hike and get an entire view of the area! BE SAFE! My boyfriend climbed a thin area at the top of the mountain and I got a heart attack because he slipped! So be cautious of what you are doing. Also, do bring you go pro or camera! I know you want to enjoy your day but its always good to document memories! It's a moment frozen in time that you will never lose! These were shot with my iPhone 7 plus, go pro and canon!

That's it for today Amigas... I hope you all have a wonder SpringBreak! Ya'll stay safe out there!
Also,  please comment below what you all plan on doing during your free time or if you have any ideas for me! SOOO excited to connect with you!


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