Spring Breakers

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Who else is having the time of their lives?

WOOOOO!!! Yay!!! I'm HAPPY for you because mine lasted a day...lol 
But for real, I worked 29 hours in 3 days and had Thursday off and then moved into a two bedroom over the entire weekend! I am exhausted! 

Myself and a couple of good friend went to Son's Island down in Seguin,TX! We were really unsure of what to do but as I told ya'll on my Spring Break Ideas Post my girlfriend told me about this place and we simply could not let it slip away! 

We stopped to get snacks and food at HEB and then headed out to the island! At first, we were a little skeptical because the entrance was interesting we entered a neighborhood first and then were approached by one of Son's Island many friendly staff memebers! 
As we past, we were in an "Awwww" moment because we crossed a beautiful bridge to get on to the actual island. I was amazed! Kinda sad I'm not rich I would have bought that island for myself (selfish) but I would have invited all of you to come over :P 

It was a pretty windy day so we didn't swim but, we did get in a kayak which is included in the Groupon purchase we made! We all went out together and we were racing and having a great time! 
It was a great day to talk, rest, dance, and cook! Get this, we forgot to get the actual charcoal and practically everything you need to have a cookout so our kind cabana neighbors saved our life and got a fire started for us to cook our hot dogs! The man from the family who helped us was part of law enforcement he was TOO GREAT!!! We couldn't thank him enough! 

I definitely want to go back to son's island in the summer! I am dying to get into the water and swim! Since you have your own private cabana you have your own little doc and you can jump off it and take a swim! It's so spacious and everyone was having an amazing time! There are games for the family, camping area, and a sand volleyball court! Be sure to take your speaker so you can jam out while you hang out...  :)

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Ps. My swimsuit is from Agaci, it's not online! Store only... SUPER CUTE! And my glasses are from the one and only Target

I bought my hammock last year! It's from Wal-Mart they get pretty cute stuff during the summer! I always have it in my trunk for spontanous hammocking!

What did you do for spring break? Any places you recommend to go to in the future? I wanna know! :)

Love always,


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