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Sunday, April 15, 2018


I hope everyone is doing well, it's been a couple of weeks. I miss ya'll!
As ya'll know summer is quickly approaching and I've been searching for cute clothes! I stopped by Forever 21 and put together this entire outfit for $65!!!! Generally, one pair of shoes costs this much so you could imagine my excitement!!! :D 

Ps. sorry about my blurry hand... I just loved this pic :p 

It has been a very busy semester and even crazier weekend so I look DEAD. I worked 11 1/2 hours on Saturday! I was up by 3... I didn't get to fall asleep, for whatever reason I never can before big events! My brain gets wired and I end up tossing and turning the entire night :( I ended up working from 4am-3:30pm at UTSA DAY... I am a tour guid! It is AWESOME! We got to give tours and talk to 7,000+ people! It's insane how crazy packed our campus was! 

 After work instead of going straight to sleep, I ended up at the mall. I don't go shopping much, as you may have read before I am the worlds greatest outfit repeater. Saturday I decided it was time for a new outfit. I walked in Forever21 the lines were long, the clothes were everywhere, and yet there I was picking out clothes from left to right :P
 I found some pretty cute tops that I am excited to share but this outfit is my FAVORITE of them all!
I always have a hard time buying high waisted shorts, they never fit me the way I want them to but these are as close as it has ever gotten for me.
 My top... Well, I just love how chill it is! Coca-Cola is delicious and looks so good on :p You can definitely dress it up or down! During the daytime, I wore it with my bright red heels, during the night time I through on my converse for a more chill comfy outfit.

 I wore it with my black sports bra just to be safe! It's cropped as you can see and I always find my self-waving my hands in the air :p It's honestly the perfect outfit for any chil day or even a fiesta!

 These red heels are so comfy! I had been wanting a pair of shoes just like this for so long! When I walked into the store it was the first thing I saw and I knew I wasn't going to leave the store without them! THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!! I can't wait to see what else I will get to wear them with!! Hoping to find a little black dress and a white one too!!!
It's the end of the semester and I am going crazy with school. Making time to rest and write has been so hard. I am generally pretty good at time management but lately when I have time all I want to do is SLEEP. I am excited for this semester to be over however I'm in school all summer so YAY to no breaks (she said sarcastically)  :(

BTW. I love Mcds. I know tons of people don't but I love me some quarter pounders with cheese and a jalapeño to munch on while eating mu burger. The APP is also great because you get to save $ I recommend for those of you who like MCDS  
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Question: What's going on in your life? Any fun exciting plan for summer?  ヅ


Jaslyn ❀

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