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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Happy Thursday my friends :)

I wanted to hop on here and chat with you all for a while. I have been crushing on indoor plants lately and wanted to share them with you too. I got this beauty in my restroom and it really pieces everything together. It gives my area a nice and clean look! You can find it here :D
Life has been a little crazy these past couple of days but I really hope all of you are doing well.
On a personal note, my dad lost his job along with many others around the world. Sadly, just because I know it's happening everywhere doesn't make the situation easier. I have been praying for not only my dad who lost his job but for my mom too, she just started working a year ago since my parent's divorce and sadly has also been left without a job. I truly feel for everyone who is going through the same thing. We must pray and do our best to remain positive (even if we end up on the restroom floor crying) I sure am trying, but I end catching myself crying any second I get alone. Life is full of twists and turns and I am not the best at handling them but I am not gonna give up on trying. I feel like everyone is on edge right now because none of our jobs are promised and that so scary, I can't help but think where will we live? Where will we go? Will we have food on our table? What is to come of all of this? I can definitely say life has been changing for so many of us but I do believe in us. We can do it...  we are gonna hit rock bottom a lot within the next year or so... but if we make it out of it with our lives we will be very lucky. If you ever need anyone to talk to please reach out. I am all ears.
Your friend, Jazz

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