Fitness Friday - Full Body & Booty Blast Killer workout to leave you sweating

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Happy Fitness Friday babe!

I am so excited about this! :D My girlfriends and I just started a motivational group and I wanted to incorporate some of their energy into this post. Erika Perez brought up a wonderful Idea to keep each other in check by sharing workouts with each other daily. We just started this on Wednesday, and now we will be taking turns throughout the rest of the month until eternity to send each other workouts to do daily. Isn't she just brilliant? Today my other friend Erika... I know two Erikas can be confusing but hey, it is what it is. Anyhow, Erika Del Bosque sent over this workout Thursday morning and man it killed me! You guys I burnt over 900 calories yesterday. Besides staying active throughout the day, the workout she sent over to us was phenomenal. I want to encourage you to try it out, get it done as best as possible, and reach out to me once you are done :D 

Part 1  Full Body Workout  Part 2 Booty Blast and to finish it off a Mile run or more if you'd like! 

SO thankful to these Youtubers! I started off with a mile 1/2 run to get my body warmed up and started with the Full Body work out... I instantly felt the burn, I thought to myself... there is no way you are going to make it but GIRL it is crazy what you can push yourself to accomplish when you really want it! I took a 5-minute break and started the booty blast, my girl has already been seeing her booty grow with this workout and let me just say... I can see why. Once I finished, my body was on fire and I was dripping sweat. It felt so GREAT!!!!! At the end, I made sure you stretch it out! This is the best time to really push those stretches since your body is so warmed up. I was able to touch my toes without a problem (baby goals) 
I really hope you are able to get this workout in! Don't be discouraged if you have to take additional breaks, trust me I do all the time! Together we can do this. Cheers to Friday, and cheers to Fitness. 

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