Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Friday, February 1, 2019

 What to do, what to do

1. Dancing
Not your typical lets go to the club and dance no no I literally mean book a dance class and go learn how to tango, salsa, anything you want really :D

2. Ice skating
I wish I could do this... I mean I can but I fall every time :p this is the best "I have to hold on to you so I don't fall" moment :p

3. Scavenger hunt
You pick if you want to do this only with your boo or even other couples! You can create fun challenges even have sexy prizes ya know?

4. Cook together at home
Sometimes valentine's day is so crazy that maybe a night in where you plan on cooking and baking together could turn out to be the best date night. You can of course still dress up and even create your own photo booth to take pictures!(You can get a tripod for your camera here if you already own one!)

 5. Take a workout class
You have to keep looking good am I right? Grab your boo and take a class together! After you can grab a snack and get ready for date night!

Karaoke nights are always so much fun, pick your favorite song and sing together or dedicate a song to your love!

7. Pop open a bottle of wine and get to know you boo a little more with 36 deep questions
Click here :D

8. Watch the sunset
Find a spot for just you two... or just block out the people around you bring a bottle of wine and some snacks and watch the sun as it fades away.

9. Go on a romantic date with all your favorite kinds of foods!
- Have someone take your picture to frame this memory forever

10. Plan the day
1. Start off with making heart shaped pancakes at home
2. Take a bubble bath and fill it with flower petals to give you the V-DAY vibes with some lighted candles
3. Help each other pick out a comfy outfit
4. Watch a romantic movie and drink some wine
5. Get ready (set a timer and whoever gets ready last buys dinner :p)
6. Go eat at your favorite restaurant or EVEN a new one
7. Pick your favorite desert place and play the question game!
8. Head back home for a massage and thank each other for all you've done

Whatever it is you do... or have planned
Share with us below! :D

Happy Valentine's Month LOVE BIRDS

π™»πš˜πšŸπšŽ πšŠπš•πš πšŠys,

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