How to prepare for a photo shoot

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Hi there! As many of you know besides being a lifestyle blogger, I am also a self taught photographer. Lately, I've gotten a lot of questions asked about how to prepare for a photo shoot.
Let's say as human we always end up forgetting one thing or another, but this my friend will help you prepare so that you don't!

   Once you have your photographer discuss details such as location(s), time, any recommendations to help you be on your A game!

   Look at the location (chose a location) You can look through Instagram images, Facebook, and good old google to search the location in search of others who may have taken photos in the smae location. I find this best when preparing for shoots because I can get outfit inspiration as well as see the colors of the area. It also helps when talking with a photographer! Who is picking the location? The photographer or you? It matters because YOU matter!

 Once you know the location you will be at it's time to Pick your outfit(s) what colors go best? what colors should you stay away from? It might be something you don't naturally think about but it's so important! You never want to be caught up in an orange room wearing a blue sweater do you? NAAA you don't! You want the color you are wearing to fit best as possible with the location so that YOU don't look out of place! I love neutrals for places that look rustic, pop of color if i'm going somewhere with dark colors, flowy dresses for open land shots, and the list goes on! Shoes aren't too big of a deal but it's still good to get them ready along with your outfits! I recommend you have your outfits ironed an packed up in a suit case with your jewelry and shoes & I suggest you have outfits picked out a week prior! TRY IT ON! This helps so much when it comes to putting pieces together and truly feeling your sexy self before going out to shoot! You can even practice poses in the mirror :p PS. Wear the correct color/style of undergarments

 Should you dress up? causal? sporty? Well remember that this is your photoshoot! You are the one paying! If you know you are going to wear a fancy gown, make sure you give that information to your photographer so they are prepared with the best location possible ALSO don't be afraid to say hey, this is the dress I am going to wear, and I thought this location would be nice, what are your thoughts? I as a photographer LOVE when my clients let me know their ideas and send me inspired photos so it helps me get a better understanding of what they would like to get from our shoot together. Maybe you are doing multiple outfit and locations! Make sure this is discussed when picking a package with your photographer don't just arrive and assume you can do anything! That's a big no no!

Once you have the time, date, location(s), and outfit(s) ready it's time to prep yourself!!

Getting READY!

Yellow teeth? No problem! I have don't like having yellow stains either and I'm not the biggest fan of whitening teeth because you never want it to look FAKE ya know?
I just head over to my local target and buy CREST 3D WHITE WHITESTRIPS ooo friend these are life savers! I will use them for a week straight before my photoshoots to be looking flawsy!
(After that I recommend using them every 2-3 days just to maintain the whiteness of your teeth but to also protect your gums from getting too sensitive)

Trust me... the worst thing you can do it pop your pimple before a photoshoot! I know they suck trust me I get them all the time but have learned with experience that it's much easier to cover a pimple than to cover the bloody pimple that turns into a weird scab that it hard to cover! Leave it alone a move on! DO however exfoliate and moisturize your skin so your makeup goes on nice and smooth!

Wax them eyebrows! 
Editing is fun... but no photographer wants to edit your eyebrows for free... up charge that cause it can take forever!

Get your trim, roots colored, deep conditioned, and style it in your favorite way! (Unless you have someone doing it for you) I recommend you don't try anything new because if you don't like it... it may be hard to feel yourself during the shoot!

Hands & feet
paint your nails clear if you feel that they are going to chip, get them done, or buy stick ons they are my fav! You can shop them on AmazonTarget, wal-mart in store, ULTA, and many more places! I love them because I stick them in from the comfort of my own home and just take the left overs with me incase any nail falls I have an immediate replacement!

TAAA DAAAA you are ready!!! 

- Must haves on photoshoot day -

stick on nails
bobbie pins 


A Happy Tummy! 

Make sure you are hydrated and well feed because you need energy to be your fun self! 

          (Images taken by yours truly, check out my instagram page jaslynandreaphotography & BOOK a session with me :D) 

I hope you all totally rock your session! If you have any other tips SHARE WITH US by commenting below! :)

𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚊𝚕𝚠𝚊ys,

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