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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hi y'all... It's almost the weekend :D and for that I am so excited!!!! Anyhow, a couple of you have reached out to me about what make up I use, and ever since I started wearing make-up I've been very simple. I don't use too much, nor do I wear make up often I sort of just throw it on the way it works for me and call it a day! TODAY, I'm sharing my daily make-up essentials the tools I use to make feel sassy, beautiful, and camera ready! πŸ“Έ

After a washed, clean, and moisturized face (working on my skin care routine coming at ya soon) I first put My RIMMEL primer, let it settle and use my fingers, or even a brush/sponge to put on my STAY MATTE liquid mousse foundation (I LOVE IT SO MUCH SO AFFORDABLE Ps. I only use it for special occasions or to cover acne :P)

Once it has dried I grab my powder brush and tap on my MAC Studio fix on my face, I cover everything eyes, neck, forehead, cheeks, and I put just a tad on my nose but not too much because I LOVE when you can see my freckles :P (I only use my MAC for special occasions any other day you can find me wearing my NEUTROGENA SKINCLEARING MINERAL POWDER it works wonders and is so light weight!)

I then use my 3 in one COVERGIRL Trublend serving sculpt palette to put on bronzer, on my lower cheeks, forehead, and basically all around the edges of my face, even some on my nose.
I go ahead and add some blush on my cheeks, and highlight on the bones of my cheeks, a little on the tip of my nose, and lip!

Once I am done, since I don't use too much eye makeup I use the L'OREAL PARIS COLOUR RICHE LA PALETTE NUDE EYE SHADOW to give my eyes some sparkle and shape if need be. I then go ahead and fill in my eyebrows natural shape with either the E.L.F. INSTANT LIFT EYEBROW PENCIL or REVLON COLOR STAY BROW PENCIL I love them both :p I use the elf for a casual day and the REVLON for the days where I gotta look like a 10/10 today :D HAHAHA.

Finishing touch, I Curl my eyelashes with MAYBELLINE EYELASH CURLER once they look the way I want them to I got in with my L'OREAL PARIS VOLUMINOUS PRIMER (YA'LL this is the best I am obsessed with it! SO when you put it on only put it on one eye work with your lashes and instantly put on L'oreal mascara while it's wet for better results! After I put on 1 coat of this mascara I use MAYBELLINE SENSATIONAL MASCARA to add more volume as my second coat!
Once it dries a little I use my fingers as an eyelash curler and I'll press my lashes up against my eyelids for an even more curled look!(I noticed if I don't do this my lashes will eventually just droop down) :p

AHHHH, the end! I top it off with lipstick of course! My current favorite right now its the MILANI AMORE MATTES LIP CRÈME I love every color BUT PRECIOUS is my favorite shade! I'm OBSESSED!

That is all my friends! I hope this answers your questions! Like I said, I'm no expert, but this is certainly my go to look & go to make up and it's all so affordable! On a budget like me? I GOT YOU GIRL! :D

π™»πš˜πšŸπšŽ πšŠπš•πš πšŠys,

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