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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hola hola :)
Keep up with my looks on the app! (Hip hip HOORRAAYY)
Some styles I wont have posted on my blog so if you wanna keep with with cute trends at an affordable price download the app and follow me :D

The way it works is that if you click the item on the app from my image and purchase a product I will in exchange make a little bit of commission... it's seriously so cool! For example if you buy a scarf from my image for $25 I will make about $1-$2 from that purchase & if you buy the scarf along with others things then I will also make a little bit of commission from that as well! (YAASSS GIRRLL)  It's a small business in the fashion world that is growing each and everyday and as a college student every dollar counts! Everyone you see on the app along with myself have to make $100 in sales in order to cash out the Dollaaa Billsss each and every time! So, next time you shop online or know of a friend or family member looking for deals to shop online send them to my blog post with my Shopping Links  or send them to the app where they can shop my images :D Ya know... support small business in the fashion journey of mine :P
If you have any questions feel free to comment below :)

Until then,

Happy Sunday & Happy Shopping


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