Dear Boyfriend

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

It's been a long time my friends.... I was finishing up with finals because school is my priority and guess what? The 4.0 was worth my absence. Even if I have missed you guys! Anyhow enough about me... I wanted to make my little come back by thanking this wonderful man in all these images.  

Ya'll I am in love with this man. He came into my life when I least expected to meet someone. Long story short I can't imagine life with out him. He has taught me the true meaning of trust and honesty. He has brought so much joy into my life that I feel like i'm a kid at the candy store each and everyday. We aren't perfect but we work out every bump on the road as it comes. This to he as taught me, before it was so easy for me to run from my problems and ignore them and just cry it out but with him I have learned to speak and truly speak with no sugar coating what so ever.
He is my best-friend. The person I want to run to and attack with kisses because he is so darn cute!
And he is also the person I want let out all my anger with because besides my family and close friends he is truly the one who understands me. I am not even sure if he will read this but in case he does this next part is for him.

Dear boyfriend,

Thank you. Thank you for the most amazing 2 years of friendship and for the 381 official days being your girl. You have taught me so much, how to trust,  be honest, how to succeed even when I feel that I am going to fail, and most importantly how to love. How to love life, and myself. Each and everyday you remind me of how beautiful I am, even when I feel at my worst you make me feel like a million dollars. I don't know how I got so lucky to fall in love with someone who makes me laugh until I cry, run until I fall, and love like there is no tomorrow. Here are only a few reasons why I love you...

1. You take pictures with me.
(Weird?) No! Pictures are totally my thing, and even when we don't look our best you still smile for me to create memories because you know how much I love them. You are so sweet that even when you complain about pictures it's still pretty cute.

2. You act like a complete dork like (cough cough) ME!
I absolutely love when I am being a total weirdo and you give me the funniest stare and then start being a dork with me. I have always been afraid of being myself but not with you. You make me feel good about being myself, and I don't have to hide nor pretend I am something I am not and that is just such a beautiful feeling.

3.  You sweep me off my feet...
And not just when we are dancing. You literally pick me up off the ground and you have no idea how amazing it feels when I feel your arms wrapped around my waist, and feel my feet lift off the ground. You make every inch of stress release from my body and I feel like me again.

4. You have the biggest heart.
My love, one of the reasons I started to fall for you was when I saw how big your heart truly is. Not gonna lie when I met you I thought you'd be some jerk and that's why I acted like I didn't care but I soon as I saw your soft side, the side not many see I fell head over heels. You have a heart of gold, and I am so happy I get to see this side of you. I can't help but smile, you are so sweet.

5. You show me off.
No matter how good, or bad I look you never fail to hold my hand and show me off to the world. You love me for who I am and baby there is not greater feeling. As for me, I love who you are, I love every piece of you because it makes you, YOU.

6. You explore with me.
All my life I have wanted someone by me to explore the many wonder of the world. I never knew God would bless me with someone who has the same dream, not only that but someone who explores with me even if that means traveling 100 miles away. It's such a beautiful thing to see a view as gorgeous as this but even more so when you are in it... thank you for being the best adventure buddy.

7. You make me feel Complete.
You know that feeling you get like if nothing else in the world is missing? Well, thats the feeling I get when I am with you. I feel whole,  I don't fill a thing missing from my life. You complete me, my love.

8. You cheer me on at everything I do! 

9. You make me the Happiest girl in the world!

10. You Bring out the best in me.
No matter what it is, I always have the most amazing time with you. Wether we are binge watching netflix, eating, talking, doing absolutely nothing I am always having the time of my life. You bring out a side of me I have never known and you make me want to be better than the person I am today.

 I know these are only 10 reasons...and there are a 100,000,000,000 more... but I have a lifetime to tell you all the reasons I am in love with you. You are appreciated my love, and deeply loved.

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