Brunch.. the most important meal of the day.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Good Morning pretty people!!!!

I hope everyone is off to a wonderful start this Saturday! It's finally the weekend and ya'll I am obsessed with this place. Common-Wealth Coffee House and Bakery located in downtown San Antonio's very own Hemisphere park! Not only is the french toast delicious but the coffee is to die for! Literally! I ordered french toast with strawberries and a caramel latte. I didn't want to finish my brunch because it was so darn delicious I wanted it to last FOREVER! Luckily, this girl doesn't eat all that much in one sitting so I actually got to bring an entire french toast home with me. Oh yeah getting two meals out of one #budgeting at its finest.
I usually love getting dressed up for brunch because you know... insta pics and what not but today I felt like dressing chill and showing off my new work-out tights. No... I didn't work out to get fit instead I was working on growing the belly with all the deli food I ate. Luckily my tights are comfy and have plenty of room for my tummy to still feel good after grubbing down my meal.
Ya'll wanna know something cool? My favorite pair of tights are on sale for $16.03 at forever 21 and let me just tell you I want to wear them every day because they are so cute and comfy and the price is freaking AMAZING!!!!!! I purchased a size medium because a small doesn't go up my legs.. (laughing at my self cause the struggle is real).
I have literally found my self-shopping for the best deals out there. My go to places when it comes to work-out clothes are Forever 21, Marshalls (which btw is where my comfy gray top is from), and believe it or not I find some pretty amazing work out gear at JCP! I'm telling ya'll if you really search you can find some of the cutest things!!!!
 I want to know ya'lls favorite places to shop at for work out gear! I really feel that the better you look while working out the greater you will perform. Lets be real when you be feeling cute you there pumping some iron looking at yourself in the mirror saying "Yes sassy mama you go this".
 I'm also thinking of trying out fabletics, Demi's line is so so cute! So if ya'll have any tips about where to shop or feedback on fabletics let a sista know! I'm so pumped!!!

By the way...
These are my beautiful siblings! My photographers, cheerleaders, my everythings. &
They are the best brunch dates out there!! Be sure to check them out :)

Happy Brunching friends!


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  1. I love your ‘fit! I love your blog and most importantly I love YOU!!!!


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