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Friday, January 14, 2022

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Welcome back to my blog adventure babes! I am home with COVID. YAY! Actually feeling 1000x better and ready to share some details on my UTAH road trip. For more... check out my posts on Deadhorse National Park and Bryce Canyon. I am obsessed with UTAH. I simply cannot get enough. 

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arches national park

Just wanted to share a couple hiking tips with you as I wish I had done a little bit more research for this park... truthfully this was the first time I did not have full details on everything... I am learning to "grow with the flow" and it has been amazing, to say the least! 

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10 Tips for Hiking at Arches National Park 

1. Plan your trails ahead of time so you know where to start/take breaks/finish & park. 

2. Arrive Early - if you wake up early enough that it is still dark you will have the opportunity to stargaze to and man is it incredible! Utah is classified as a national dark sky so your eyes will see more than you could possibly imagine. 

3. Pack snacks! Depending on how long you plan on staying I would pack up a granola bar for breakfast, lunch to picnic, and lots of water! 

4. Pack a girls go cup... it has saved my life a couple of times and these trails could take a while... especially if you get lost. 

5. Wear hiking boots - I can't stress enough how important these are especially with the arches incline. You will definitely want to have some grip in your step during these steep hikes.

6. Stick with your hiking partners if any. I lost 2 of my friends! I made it to the arch for sunrise but had to turn around to find my lost friends who ended up on another trail and had a difficult time finding their way back.

7. Pack your camera! Gosh, I absolutely loved taking pictures at the arches... so much so I took photos of a couple thousand strangers as I waited for my friends to find me at the arch. 

8. Take your time.. breathe it all in and take a seat. There is no need to rush to such a gorgeous place!

9. If you only come for the delicate arch be sure to stop alongside some of the overlooks as you will see beauty all around. 

10.  HAVE FUN! 

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Arches Hike Details 

Distance: 3 miles (4.8 km) round trip
Elevation Gain: 480 feet gain on the hike from the parking lot to delicate arch 
Length of time: 1.5-3 Hours 
Where to park: Wolfe Ranch Parking lot with trail head to Delicate Arch 

arches over look trail

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Happy Hiking! 

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