Hiking at Bryce Canyon National Park

Monday, November 8, 2021

Bryce canyon

I have only dram of hiking in UTAH. I started off in September with Zion National Park to only find myself back in this gorgeous state. The vibe, the rocks, the freedom I feel here is something I have never felt before. 

Bryce pioneer village

First things first, where to stay! We stayed at Bryce Pioneer Village and we loved it! It was just what we needed to sleep before hiking at Bryce! I was very happy with the price as well. $113 for the night for a deluxe double room with 2 full size beds! We had all the space we needed to prepare for our hike. We bought groceries before so we prepped out snacks and sandwiches here the night before and it was incredible! The beds were comfy, the restroom was spotless, and the staff was very kind. 

Bryce coffee

We woke up early to hit the trails BUT not without our coffee! We stopped by at the only coffee shop we found and I have to rate it at a 10/10. Bryce Coffee CO located at Bryce Inn. I am a crazy gal and I got an iced coffee despite the cold temps in this morning. I also got the cutest sticker from here and I added it to my hiking Utah jug! The staff was kind and the coffee was DELICIOUS!!! So happy we stopped here to enjoy ourselves during our hike. 

Bryce coffeeBryce Canyon

What you need to know before you hike:

* Park Fees: $35 
* Shuttles only run during the spring and summer you can drive yourself around during the fall and winter months. 
* Bring your own food as there aren't really any good dining options
( I recommend sandwiches, fruit, and packaged snacks for easy carry)
* One day is enough time to cover the main trails 
* Pack for the temperature (during colder months wear layers in case you get hot) 
* Go to the RR before you start your hike (there are no restrooms on the trails)
* Bring your love for nature and your camera to capture gorgeous moments

Utah hiking

Alright, alright, alright... Bryce National Park was everything and more but nothing I expected. I read so much about this park, but not once did I find details on how insanely different this park is from all other parks. I am so happy I booked a flight with my girlfriends and drove 270 miles after our flight to start our 6 days in UTAH. 

friends hike utah
Bryce sunrise point

We started our hike from the Sunrise Point trail and ended at sunset; however, we should have done it backwards... here is why... 

navajo loop trail

If you start at sunrise you get to hike down the Navajo loop trail instead of hike up which can definitely be hard for many. We were definitely tired but would have been more calm had we hiked down these switchbacks! Though both ways work, if you have children, breathing problems, knee problems, etc. definitely start at the switchbacks 1st! You will thank me later. 😉 


Another reason to hike the switchbacks at sunset trail first is that this area gets flooded with crowds right after sunrise! Hiking the trail can take a while with taking breaks and so many hikers trying to capture the beauty of the switchbacks. Clearly, we didn't do enough research but we were just going with the flow and that to me was so peaceful. 


The hiking community is my favorite! Everyone is so kind and respectful. SO many people come to escape the day-to-day craziness we live in and it is wonderful to see so many happy humans. 
ALSO... I love how many photographers there are everywhere! Even those who aren't so hyped about people capturing the moment! I love LOVE hikers! They are all such a breath of fresh air. 💕 

navajo loop

I am absolutely obsessed with this park. It took us about 3 1/2 hours total, walking calmly, food breaks, and photos! Here are some of my favorite.... all taken with either my iPhone or my canon 6d mark 2 with my 35mm lux lens and edited with jazz exploring presets :D ENJOY!!!! 

canon photography
Bryce Canyon
navajo loop
Bryce Canyon

Happy Hiking! :D 

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