The perfect Picnic addition - Small Business Spotlight - "Cheese Fridays"

Friday, August 7, 2020

Hey you! Happy Friday! This week has been a good one... wanna know why? Your girl is finally starting to smell and taste again! It is insane. I almost forgot how things smelled and though I haven't tasted nor smelled everything just yet I am praying I get the opportunity to. I am trying to decide what tasty food I should eat this weekend... I am crying out of happiness because I really thought I wouldn't get it back. Slowly but surly right? I pray that everyone who's been in the same shoes also get theirs back because it is truly a horrible feeling, however, GOD IS GOOD!!!! 

You all know I am a super fan of picnics. I have a whole blog to help you prep for one here.  :) 
What you don't know is that there is a new small small business in my beautiful City, San Antonio TX called CHEESE FRIDAYS! Isn't that the cutest thing? You can watch my youtube video for more info About the owner, Fernanda, and how her amazing Small bizz came to be! 

I had the best time with Jose, my boyfriend. He is so handsome. He worked a 7 day work week and still made time to come relax with me. Since I was still fighting for my full sense of smell and taste he was the number 1 judge and he loved it! We were both super impressed by the presentation of the box, the fact that delivery is included, as well as how easy it was to order and get our box! We ordered the MINI CHEESE box! Which was perfect for us both. We were starving so this was the perfect appetizer before eating some yummy sandwiches from Jasons Deli. I have to say I loved everything but the one thing I had never tried and absolutely loved because I could taste it the most was the goat cheese with blueberries, can we say delicious? SUPER YUMMY!!! I honestly can't wait to eat this again now that my smell and taste are so much better. :D 

Picnics are definitely my go-to for romance. The next time you are thinking about what to do with your loved one, grab your picnic blanket, order some Cheese Fridays and enjoy each others presence. We had a blast tossing grapes at each other to see if we could catch it with our mouths. We ended up gazing into each others eyes for a good while and it was beautiful I know it sounds cheesy but thats because it was a SUPER CHEESY FRIDAY --- get it? :p 
Our box included the following: Champagne Grapes, French Salami Prosciutto, Gouda Cheese Manchego Cheese, Goat Cheese with Blueberries, Organic Figs ,Olive Oil Breadstick, Natural Crackers,   Mini Pretzels, Roasted Naked Almonds, Quince Jam, and a Candied Orange Slice :) 

Here are your difference options when ordering:
I will definitely be ordering Cheese Fridays for my next girls night once this virus is over and done with! A bottle of wine + Cheese Fridays? YES PLEASE! 
Be sure to mention "jazzexploring" for $5 off your orders! Also don't forget that when we support a small business we are supporting a big dream. 
 Sending you each my love, xO Jazzexploring

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