At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Good morning beautiful human!
Have you smiled today?
I know what you're thinking it might be too early to have a big smile painted on our face, but it's not!
You are alive, healthy, ready to start a new day! Me?
About to drink my first cup of coffee before heading over to a day filled with adventure.
Want to know how I wake up with a smile?

With  Smile Brilliant, I've been using the at home teeth whitening system by Smile Brilliant
for about a month now. The process and results have been phenomenal! This summer my goal is to be make-up free as possible. Having
white and beautiful teeth is the best accessory I could wear for my everyday adventures! I am a
coffee drinker, candy eater, wine lover, and I also love eating food that use to have a yellow tint to
them so tried using whitening strips. Unfortunately, the strips would fall and they also caused my
teeth. My teeth haven't always been this white, they use to have a yellow tint to them so I tried using
whitening strips. Unfortunately, the strips would fall and they also caused my teeth and gums
to be very sensitive. I also noticed uneven whitening and quickly stopped using the strips.
It's been 5 years since then and my coffee drinking increased, red wine came into the picture,
and everything else that comes in with transitioning from being a college student to an adult.

This time I did not make the same mistake twice, I have been using Smile Brilliants CariPro
toothbrush for about a year now and I knew that if I LOVED their toothbrush so much I'd also
love the at home whitening kit! I'm a bust girl and I am not the biggest fan of going out of my
way to make appointments for things like teeth whitening. When I found out about this at home
system I quickly got on board their train to a better smile!

Here’s how my teeth got their glow up. I answered a few questions about my dental history and
two days later I had a Smile Brilliant package waiting for me! I made my teeth molds and sent
them back to Smile Brilliant in the provided envelope. I received my custom whitening trays about a week later and started whitening. The entire process was user friendly. I began whitening my teeth and instantly noticed results! 

I have been using the CariPro toothbrush for a while now so my smile thankfully has been improving.
However, I did notice that everything I ate and drank began to give my teeth a yellow tint.

After weeks of using the whitening system I have seen my smile transform and the best part is that I am still not done with my entire kit! I still have a couple whitening nights ahead of me and i'm ready to continue seeing results. :) 

Throughout this entire process I haven't felt any sensitivity. The kit has been so easy to use!
I have whitening my teeth white traveling in the car, while i'm on my laptop blogging or editing
photos, even to keep me from eating dessert to fulfill my fitness goals cause everyone was
eating late night snacks.

Are you ready for change? Ready to smile without hiding your teeth?

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I can't wait to see who wins & how your smile changes! Best of luck!

𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚊𝚕𝚠𝚊ys,


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