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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Hi friends! I've been so busy student teaching this last semester of school & I am so sorry for being MIA, but AT LAST the time has come and I am PUMPED to share some college advice with ya'll :) 

First things first if you are a freshmen...

Declaring your MAJOR! 
Isn't it insane? To be asked what you want to be/do for the rest of your life? I had no idea what I wanted to do when they asked 17 year old me, to be honest even me at 22 years old has and idea but it seems to far away to obtain. My advice to you is to explore your freshmen year if you have the chance. Talk to people, I found out about so many majors I had not even heard about! My luck I was too far in my major to have the courage to change it :p Another idea, look up majors on the internet find other people in that major and see what they like and dislike about the major. Come sophomore year or even sooner you will be able to declare a major that you really want! However, don't be like me, afraid to change major. The sooner you begin doing what you are passion it about the sooner you get to start your life. DON'T get me wrong, being a bilingual education major has been pretty great. I love kids, always have but I don't foresee myself being a teacher all my life :p 

NEXT, no matter where you are in your academic career...

Getting INVOLVED! 
Organizations, Ahhh the best thing a college student can do is JOIN JOIN JOIN! 
Join everything you can. After all, we only go to college once... right?
I got involved in 2 organizations my freshmen year and ended up getting involved in 8 total up until the time where I had no time (Monkey face covering eyes emoji here). Being involved made me feel important, my opinion mattered and I knew about everything that was going on in school (right now I spend little to no time on campus and it breaks my heart!) Let me just say I wouldn't have met a lot of my friends now if it weren't for orgs :) 

Enjoy EVERY moment 
Life is all about moments whether they are the best or the worst there are the times you will never forget. A part of me wishes I thought about life the way I do now... it's crazy to me to think about how afraid I was as a freshmen and how I was insecure and afraid and scared to make friends. To be quiet honest I had opportunities that I wish I would have taken advantage of. 
The me now has learn to appreciate and value every moment. Truth is you never know what will happen but i'm a big believer everything has a reason behind it. 

Look for FREE food and Swag gear
Your girl learned real quick about going to events to not only have a good time but for the FREE FOOD and the FREE T-SHIRTS Freshmen year you ask? 36 T-shirts and they were all free :p 
Swear it's the best when you don't have to buy anything! As for food my friends and I would text each other every time there was food :p group texts would blow up because who doesn't love FREE food? 

DON'T be Afraid to be YOU 
Get out of your comfort zone and let loose. You may have the time of your life! 
I use to be so scared of being the dork I am but I learned not to care and it's seriously the greatest thing ever! 

Build relationships 
I met so many people and made so many "friends" but now have learned the ones that last are the ones you build and it's hard to focus on so many people all at once. Build relationships with those you love and appreciate the most. 

Take it slow 
Don't rush through college. Take your time you only complete your bachelors once and let me say it passes by way too quick so take your time. I find my friends and I always saying we can't wait to graduate and be done and now I am crying cause I don't want it to be done! 

Document memories
Not everything has to be documented some of the best things happen when no one is watching but when you get the chance document those memories so you always have something to look back at.

Work hard and network  
One of my favorite things about college has been networking! Going to events and out of town conferences are the best thing yet! The opportunity to travel and meet other while potentially securing a job is so fun and rewarding! People don't come and tell you DO THIS you have to do a lot of this on your own once you find what is is you want to do others are more than happy to assist you with accomplishing your goal. 

Know it is not the end of the world 
Bad days are bond to happen, it's just the way life works... You have so days you wish you could relive and others were you wish never happened, but it's not the end of the world. We all learn through experiences if we need go through rough times do we ever learn? My answer is NOPE. I have learned that I learn about myself and others by the way they handle situations... sometimes we overreact and that's okay we are learning. 

Don't leave studying for the night before an exam. Spread out your studying so you are gradually building your way up to your performance. If you practice swimming for the first time before a competition will you sink or swim? My thoughts are sink, so make sure you take care of yourself and those grades ESPECIALLY freshmen year when your classes are supposably "easy" hahah I had hard time... it was not easy for me :P

Make time for the ones you love 
No matter how crazy your schedule is make time for the ones you love even if it's just a phone call at the end of your day. Remember relationships take work and in order to keep up with you people you have to put your part. 

And MOST important of all

Love and forgive yourself
Love and respect yourself, give yourself time to breath and hear your own thoughts as well as forgive yourself for things you may regret. It all gets better with time! 

oh, let's not forget.. 

H A V E   F U N 
Life a little... explore your city, grab a coffee, go on dates, make new friends, try new food, take a spin class, say yes for an entire day (safe of course) and just enjoy your college experience to the fullest.

I wish you all the best of luck, enjoy your experience no matter what phase you are in right this second... make a bucket list sheet for yourself every semester and try to accomplish your goals big and small.

Sending ya'll my love


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