Four ways to style white jeans this FALL

Sunday, October 21, 2018


FALL is finally here!
I am loving all these sweaters and these colors O-EM-GEE are the cutest! I wanted to find ways to style my sweaters with white pants and here it is :D I don't know what it is about white jeans but they make everything just POP! I absolutely love how white denim adds a beautiful touch to every cute and simple sweater.  

Every clothing item I have on is from Forever 21! Super affordable especially when there are sales! Which is by the way when I shop. It's the BEST way! Lately, I've found my self obsessing over their styles and they are coming in clutch this fall! Also: My boots are from Tori Burch and JCPenny. JCP always has amazing sales as well, DON'T miss out. :p 

 Green sweater

 Pink cardi



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