Daus Peach Haus in Fredericksburg, Texas

Sunday, August 29, 2021

 Happy SUNDAY! 

I am so happy to have you here! This weekend was much needed. Jose and I decided to take a day trip to the outskirts of San Antonio. Fredericksburg, TX to sip on some wine at Daus Peach Haus. We arrived at about 2pm and to our surprise, it was not crowded at all! I loved that we were able to escape the city with full serenity. There is a reason so many people travel to Fredericksburg and that is because of the good vibes and incredible wine! There are so many spots you get to pick your setting, do you want nature and escape? Glam and jams? The best of both worlds? You're in luck, my friend! You can find it all on the 290 Wine Trail here in Texas! 

Daus Peach Haus had live music, good vibes, and plenty of spaces to sit! We found a relaxing spot under the trees to save us from the Texas heat! We ordered the Peach wine and it was as delicious as I remember it. For only about $21 the bottle I cannot recommend enough how budget-friendly this spot is! 

Whether it's for a girl's trip, family fun, or a date with your loved one this spot will definitely meet your needs! You can also order cheese and crackers to keep you going. I definitely recommend coming to this spot fall-spring so you aren't overheating during the summer. I cannot wait to come back in November! 

It had been a while since I have shot with my camera as I have been shooting with mainly my phone and luckily, Jose convinced me to bring it out, and wow! I had forgotten how gorgeous the shots can be with my canon! You can shop it here, along with my red lens.  

Camera:6D mark 2

Lens: 35mm f/1.4 

Jose and I hung around here for about 3 hours, had the most amazing conversations, and relaxation. We actually took these images with my tripod which I 10/10 recommend bringing just in case you have no one to capture your memories!

Tripod: For your phone 

For your camera

I edited all my images with my Lightroom presets which you can purchase here and support my small business! 

Here is a list of other Wineries in the area that you're gonna love! 

1. Ron Yates Wine
2. Signor Vineyard
3. 290 Wine Castle
4. Calais Winery
5. Grape Creek Vineyard
6. Abastris Winery
7. William Chris Vineyard
8. Sandy Road Vineyard 
9. Barons Creek Wine
10. Cross Mountain Vine Yard

Be sure to tag me if you visit any new spots! I'd love to see the memories you create! 

Until next time... 


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