What to Pack for your fall/winter trip to South Korea

Friday, July 24, 2020

Hey you! Now that you have learned what you will need to navigate around Korea lets get packing! :D So I went to South Korea both in Fall and Winter! I will tell you... I love fall 100x more because the fall foliage is stunning unlike the winter where everything is dead and frozen... also winters in South Korea are so DANG COLD! Disclaimer my second time in South Korea was when it was the end of fall so the "winter is coming" saying from Game of Thrones felt too real! When my cousin and I arrived in November it was SO GREAT! As soon as December hit it was ICE COLD! I went from wearing denim jackets to full-on turtle necks and warm coats! 

Fall temperatures in Korea generally range of a low 20°C in the beginning and reaching about 10°C towards the end of the season…the Winter hits and OH MAN is it freezing! My first time in Korea was in January... SO YEAH the coldest month of all! Temperatures almost always dropped below -10 °C (14 °F), and sometimes below -15 °C (5 °F) while we were there and it was also windy! Like the frozen rivers my hands and my feet! were freezing! IT WAS WILD! 

My favorite item that I packed for my winter trip was my snow boots! They saved my life! I packed converse during my winter trip and only wore my converse once because I learned that they aren't for walking long hours nor is it safe to leave your bare ankles exposed in such extreme weather. I learned this lesson the hard way... but that's a story for another time...  Anyhow, this is the Travel Planner I used to plan my trip and every trip I have created by Jessica Marie DesignI love this fun colorful planner to get my LIFE together!10/10 Recommend!

Alright... the wait is over... here is our winter + fall trip packing list! 

Travel Essentials 
[  ] Passport 
[  ] ID/Licence 
[  ] Booking confirmation if flying and don't forget to check-in! 

Clothing items 
[  ] At least 2 pairs of jeans - I ripped two of mine on my trip and had to buy a pair (the perfect excuse to shop am I right?) 
[  ] If you like styling things up pack 2 pairs of fun bottoms with you!  
[  ] Long thick trousers (even consider Long johns I wore these on my trip under all my clothes during January it was amazing)
[  ] At least 2 coats - PRO TIP: wear one on so you don't have to pack them both! I overpacked jackets my first time to Korea so I have learned my lesson! (Jackets are way too heavy especially if you will be traveling a lot within Korea) You will honestly be perfect with 2! :D Jackets, Long Puffy Jacket Weatherproof jacket, ALSO! Chances are.. you will love the shopping life in Korea so don't pack to much because you WILL want to shop! (Most bottoms are tiny if you are supporting the local shops but the tops are generally so great!) I bought so many sweaters and my pink COAT pictured here !!! 
[  ]Ear Muffs, beanies, and ski mask if need be 
[  ]Cozy, stylish, and comfy sweaterscardigan  (some of my FAVS HERE!!!) 
[  ]Thick pairs of Socks 
[  ]Snow boots - preferably wear them on!
[  ]Black and brown booties? Check if needed for outfits! (Don't take more than you need!)  
[  ]1-3 work out outfits (gotta stay fit)  + shoes unless you do indoor workout with no shoes required 
[  ]Hats, gloves, scarfs, Ski mask 
[  ]Long sleeve t-shirts

Bed time items 
[  ] Pjs, undies, bras, towels 
[  ] Sleeping mask 
[  ] Book 
[  ] Journal (write down what you did every day to unwind 

[  ] hair products be sure to check the voltage on your hair product! (don't want anything to explode) 
[  ] Face cream, Sunscreen & lip balm to protect your skin against the sun and cold temperatures.
[  ] Make-up bag mascara, blush, bronzer, powder, eye shadow, etc.
[  ] Pain killers even sleep time tea
[  ] makeup wipes 
[  ] ToothBrush
[  ] Travel size (unless purchases when you arrive) shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and tooth paste
[  ] hair ties
[  ] sleep mask (good to use on the plane too since sometimes they turn on 

[  ] Phonecameraslaptopheadphones 
[  ]Chargers for phone, laptop, camera, headphones 
[  ]battery packs and polaroid camera/ film if need be

All other things 
[  ] Since you (may) be going abroad make sure you have checked with your phone company to get the international plan and don't forget to confirm with your bank that you will be able to use your card over there 
[  ] Take cash with you and get the correct currency if need be (take it out with time so you get it before take-off but don't freak out because you can get it when you arrive as well)
[  ] Credit card would be good for emergencies (I used Korean won for almost everything)
[  ] Blanket and pillow for a long trip
[  ] Download songs and movies to your tablet/iPhone in case you have nothing else to do during your flight (take melatonin to help you sleep)
[  ] Plan ahead and know where you are going (use the planner above) 
[  ] Make copies of all your cards, ID's, and passport in case of an emergency
[  ] Let others know if you are traveling (keep them updated) travel is fun but it can also be dangerous 
[  ] HAVE FUN! 

For more fun, tips, and an inside on my trips to South Korea watch my cousin on YOUTUBE!!! 

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