What to do if I am happy and healthy but stuck at home because of the Coronavirus

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


  We all know what terrible things have been going on in our world today. It is not new news that people from around the world are suffering and struggling because of coronavirus. We have seen movies very similar to what has been going on today. While people are posting online about being bored at home because they don't know what to do really need to stop and count their blessings. There are so many who have been buried away from there loved ones, they were isolated, struggling to breathe alone, while their loved ones could not be anywhere near them. If your biggest struggle right now is being bored... think again. So many people around the world have lost jobs, loved ones, and one of the most important means of survival... money. I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, but I can tell you that today we can all make a difference. One, get your groceries and once you have them stay home. Be kind to the elderly, and to everyone around you. One of my biggest fears is that people are going to start going mad. So please prepare yourself for this, don't be apart of the mess. Stay out of where you aren't needed. Two, love your loved ones from afar if you are not feeling well. Three, pray. Do not forget to pray. Before I continue... I will stop right here and share ideas on things you can do to stay busy while you are home whether you are working from home or got laid off, just breath we just have to stay calm, things will be okay if we stay strong.

What to do during this crisis while you are home 

1. Read a book - when is the last time you actually had time to read a book without interruptions? If you are interested in the Gospel, here is a link for fun and easy reads, AlabasterCo

2. Write - writing down our feels and writing down are stories could be so valuable not only to us but for future generations, you know all those letters that were found in history? People talking about their life experiences? Maybe you can write yours. It might even help cleanse your soul by getting things off your chest.

3. Facetime your loved ones - sometimes we are so busy with life that we don't talk to those whom we love - it gets very hard on a weekly basis when all we do is work - so use this time to talk to those who you haven't spoken to in a while

4. In-home YOGA & Meditation - Sit down beath and relax hop on youtube, search at home YOGA and see your stresses diminish even if it's for a while

5. Spring Cleaning - I got to do this over the weekend and I feel so much better - I have a box ready to donate to those who need any of the things I do not anymore

6. If possible, walk outside and get some exercise, I know I know, but you can exercise at home and if you are blessed to go outside then do it, my friends!

7. Want to just stay in? Watch these shows online
- This is Us
- Good Trouble
- Jane the Virgin
- The Good Place
- Stranger things
- Trials of Gabriel Fernandez
- Hart of Dixie
- New Girl
- Young and Hungry

& many more see options here - rottentomatoes.com

8. Plan your future - it's hard with everything going on and chances are that if and when this blows over something like this will happen again - once we survive this what game plan can we come up with for future crisis?

Don't forget, we are either all on this together, or we fail as a nation.


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