Must have Gift Guide to shop for everyone and anyone - & Merry Christmas GIVEAWAYS!

Monday, December 16, 2019

Hi there my friend, I know I am a little late but let's be real who isn't going crazy right now because you haven't gotten any Christmas gifts? I know I am super last minute in this and the gifts I order may not arrive on time... 😱 But it's the thought that counts right? You can comment below if you think other wise 😝

Gift #1

Smile Brilliant Products - My holy grail!
People are meant to smile, laugh, and be happy let's make sure our loved ones have clean and white teeth for a Brilliant smile 😃 PLUS you can ENTER this GIVEAWAY by clicking here :D

Gift #2

Head Phones
To use when working out, relaxing, or watching Netflix :P
Apple AirPods Pro
Bose Headphones

Gift #3

Cold Brew Maker / Keurig® K-Café™ Special Edition Single Serve Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker
Who doesn't love cold brew coffee? And it's much nicer when it's at home! Save your loved one some money! ☕️

Gift #4

Fire Stick
For everyone who wants to watch their favorite shows ❤️

Gift #5

Disney + Membership! 😀
Gotta Watch Lizzie Mcguire right?

Gift #6

Essential Oil Diffuser
Give someone the gift of calmness and relaxation! I know I need this!

Gift #7

Scratch Off Map 
For all the world Travelers! I know I'd love to have this posted on my wall to see my travel explorations grow!

Gift #8

The place to get unique wood watches for men and women, sunglasses, and fun new items for the holidays!!! You can also enter my GIVEAWAY here for a 50% off your purchase! Even if you don't win, you'll receive a store wide coupon of 10% as a thank you! WOOO!!!!

Gift #9

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 VF - White (9008) - LATEST EDITION
Because who doesn't want a cute camera to take instant photos with?

Gift #10

Waffle Maker
Because waking up to go to brunch everyday makes it 100X better when you can do it at home!

That is it love! A gift for everyone and anyone! :D
I hope you have enjoyed this Blog post cause if I'm being honest... I just got started on shopping!

Love you so much! Good luck :)



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