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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Finally! I finally got to gift my brother the watch of the summer! My favorite watch out there is JORD. FUN FACT: JORD  (pronounced  Yode) cool right? I know! :D JORD is  based  in  St. Louis,  where  they  are  consistently  developing new  designs! The  Watches  are  a sophisticated mix of natural,  and  largely  re-claimed  materials, combined with quality movements and components.  This Specific watch is called The Conway! Such a Classic  design that meets  modern  detailing with custom knurling  on  both  the  bezel and  wrist  line,  complimented  by  a striking  steel  and  wood  interlaced  band. The  chronograph  functionality  allows expert  time keeping  down  to  the  second. Beautiful right? 

Ya'll I was so excited to gift this to my brother, I couldn't wait! We headed for an evening filled with fun and adventures where I got to give him his watch! It is engraved "Thank you for being the best brother ever!" He really is! The perfect watch for my brother! Whether at work, hanging with the guys, or firing up the grill he looks stylish and cool! Within one day he got so many compliments, and so many of his buddies, including my boyfriend were a little hurt that I didn't gift one for them too! I will say, I know what I'm getting everyone for Christmas! (No struggling at this one stop shop!) And don't worry, I got you too! Are you ready?

Looking into future gifting as well? For your sister, boyfriend, father? Whoever it may be, the huge selection  and  the ability  to  customize  makes  JORD  a  great  place  to  look  for gifts! Custom  professional  sizing  &  personalized  engraving  is  available  on  watch back  plates  as  well  as  cedar  humidor  display  boxes. As you can see the one I got brother is engraved on the back and I am obsessed! Generous  returns  and  exchanges,  free  worldwide  shipping, along  with  great warranties to make  purchases  for  loved  ones  worry-free.

I GOT A GIVEAWAY COMING AT YOU! CLICK the link to get $100 off any watch of your choice!!!! That's right, $100 OFF!! :D & Just for entering, you also receive 10% off any purchase! Excited already? I AM TOO!!! I have to be honest, JORD is by far my favorite watch brand, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just love the brand, the makers, and the fact that I know I am wearing a watch inspired by nature. 

The colors are simply stunning and you can style the watch in so many ways! I love that it looks good dressed up and dressed down, don't you? You can use it for date night, or a cookout with your friends. The possibilities are endless! I know my brother looks nice and fancy wherever he goes!

Seriously, Thank you JORD for creating a watch that fits my brother so perfectly!

JORD offers designs for the serious watch enthusiast as well as the casual customer looking for a cool new  watch or  a hat. Though it is best-known for its wood designs, JORD has recently expanded its offerings  to  include other elements of nature:  stone  &  marble.  (BEST BELIEVE I AM GETTING THAT MARBLE :p ) JORD's  offerings  will  continue  to  expand  in  2019! Are you pumped? Do you like what you see already? YOU HAVE to Stay tuned! I am on my way to pick out and purchase my new JORD watch! So many to choose from, so many I want! What are you waiting for? :D ENTER TO WIN $100 towards any JORD WATCH!!! GOOD LUCK!

Love always,


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