11 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise Regularly - Featuring Victoria Secret PINK

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Hello loves!
I was in a funk for a long while. After this past semester with my internship my life changed A LOT! I was so busy working and preparing for each and every day that I stopped taking care of myself. I lost motivation and began to gain weight. I felt like I was off my A game and no matter what I did, I could not hop back on the fitness train. Now, I am nowhere near my "body goals" but I took the first step again and for that... I am extremely proud.

If you find yourself struggling, here are some tips to get you out of that binge watching Netflix all day to working out and feeling alive again!

(ps. Sorry about the deo on my arms... only natural right?)

1. Write down your goals
Are you looking to lose weight? Tone muscle? Maybe you want to gain weight and bulk up?

2. Plan your routine
When do you have time to work out? What days and times work best?

3. No gym? No problem!
At home workouts are amazing! Grab your yoga mat get on YouTube and follow along with the YouTube workout trainers for free!

4. Create sticky notes
I found that putting sticky notes in places like my bathroom closet door and bedroom mirror are reminders everyday to put in the work! You don't have to work out for 2 hours to feel better about yourself! Being active for 30min a day is perfect!

5. Find fitness bloggers
See what they are doing! What tips and tricks do they have for you?
I love getting on instagram to see what my favorite fitness bloggers are doing! I even save my favorite workouts under different folders to get to easily when I am working out in case I forget how or which exercises to do! Example I have an (upper body) folder and I'll look at it before going to work out so I have a plan of what I'll be doing instead if sitting there not knowing what to do :p

6. Put on your best workout outfit or get yourself one!
Nothing motivates me more than wearing a super cute workout outfit!

7. Tell yourself "I can't watch my favorite series until I get my workout done!"
I find this so helpful because if I sit around and watch my favorite TV show I'll feel so guilty I'll turn it off and work out. :p

8. Find workout buddies
I know gym memberships are expensive, but that's why we have the great outdoors!
Grab a buddy and go for a hike, run, swim, anything you want!
I always hop on google to research pretty parks and hiking trails to go to for a nice workout all while getting my vitamin D!

9. Apple Watch or Fitbit?
I've only ever owned an apple watch, but I'm team anything as long as it's helping you get the job done! I love my watch. I get to set my daily/weekly calorie goal and I'll get constant reminders if I am not staying on top of my goal! I can also track my workouts! Swimming, running, strength training, you name it! It motivates me to keep pushing to reach my goal!

10. Track your progress 
One of the most important things to do you ask? Track your progress!
Taking pictures in our undergarments can be intimidating, but there's nothing like going back to see how you looked in comparison to how you look now. Me and my main girls will send each other our progress and keep each other on task! Nothing like motivating my girls to keep going as they do the same for me! :D (I may share my results in the next 4 months!)

11. Treat yourself!
At the end of every week, it's important to treat yourself. I don't care if you worked out once or five times, any step taken to reach your goal even if it's baby steps, it's something to celebrate!
This week I plan on getting hot Cheetos with cheese :p I think I deserve it!

I know it feels like the time will never come... But if we stay on task and stay motivated to reach our goal, it will come sooner than you know!

Any tips you want to share?
Comment below for us to read :)

𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚊𝚕𝚠𝚊ys,

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