What's in my cart Wednesday - Business Casual Edition

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Where are my sassy, sexy boss babes at? Gotta admit we are all boss babes :D
Sometimes, however, it could get pretty hard to dress up... Am I right? Do you ever feel like you can't dress too nice because you feel like you'd get judged? Yeah... Me either.  :p Who cares what people say! I love feeling beautiful! I feel all the more powerful and willing to get things done when I feel good about myself. I feel it is very important to get dressed, made up, and feel at peace with yourself! Every Wednesday I will be sharing what's in my cart. This week I am shopping for business casual clothes. I just started teaching and I want to rock fun outfits that I feel good in and that will call my students' attention since bright and fun colors help brighten their moods!


I told myself to only pick 5 new tops... It didn't work. I love all of these, the color, style, and the overall feel of them! I really love how some tops run long on the back it makes it feel all the more fancy, stylish, and appropriate for the work place!


Patterns, colors, and OOO girl YES to skirts in the Spring time that are fancy and flexible for almost any occasion!


There's nothing easier than simply putting on a dress. You don't have to worry about putting an outfit together, you just slip it on and you are out the door. {Insert Winky face here}


Comfy or cute... Mmm cute :p hahaha just kidding, I love having the best of both worlds. As in, if I can't find comfy heels, I'll wear heels until I can't no more. Anyone else? Anyhow... I am on the hunt for the cutest and comfiest shoes. It will take a while, but I promise I'll share when I figure it out :D


 Cute cover ups that add more to your outfit and keep you warm when it's cold inside are my favs! I love getting different colors to change a top or pant to look completely different! It's like having an entire new outfit!

All my items are from New York & Company. I love their items, the quality of the clothes, prints, style, and that they have such great deals like they do right now!

Happy shopping loves and welcome to "What's in my cart Wednesday" hope to see you here every week!

π™»πš˜πšŸπšŽ πšŠπš•πš πšŠys,


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