Free and Fun things to do this SUMMER

Sunday, June 17, 2018

What are you doing this summer?
Are you broke as fudge bunnies? Me too :(
Here are a couple ideas for you to do this summer/anytime at all!!! :D 

 1. Go visit all the hiking trails/parks in your city! Plan a picnic where you can bring food and fruit from home!

2. Go swim! Forget the apartment pool outside look for free admission pools or for rivers you can go swim/float at with out any entrance fee's! Again, bring food from home and plenty of water to enjoy your day! Don't forget your sunscreen!

3. Go near the closest airport, park your car around the area or a nearby park and watch the planes land and take off! If you can get as close as possible so that the planes pass right over you! Bring your camera for a fun photo session!
 4. Grab a group of friends and play board games! Cards against humanity, monopoly, UNO, you can even download a free version of heads up on your phone!

5. Take pictures. Okay if you are a girl I am sure you love this! Grab a bag fill it up with 3-4 outfits and go with your girlfriends or take your tripod to take pictures around time! Golden hour in the morning or get that evening shoot!!

 6. Find free movies around town! There are tons of places you can go watch free movies at a park! Check out Slab Cinema for free movie showings all year long in San Antonio!

7. Learn to cook/bake. You are going to the grocery store any way right? Skip out on the usuals and find online recipes to try and taste something new! Maybe the best decision ever!

8. Start a blog. is free. So is Starting a blog is a blast. Use your creativity and build a following.

9. Attend a free workout class. Many gyms, bootcamps, etc. will let you try their facility or program at least once for free to help you get fit this summer! I always do free trials they are the BEST!

10. Watch the sunrise with some orange juice early in the morning. Find a cute spot and enjoy your time! Also.... watch the sunset, so romantic! 

11. Read a book, trade your awesome love story novel with a friends to read another cool book!

12. Write your own story! Get it published on amazon. 

13. Move your room around, have extra canvas at home? Let your inner artist shine! 

14. Have a garage sell. You know those shorts that don't fit anymore? Those gains are real! You need new stuff. Out with the old in with the new. 

There are tons of stuff you can do this summer without spending a dime. I know it's hard friends believe me, I know. However, we got this! Now go out and have a good time!

Let me know what you do! :p

xo always


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