How to Bring an Animal Into Your Life

Monday, February 11, 2019

You don’t just want a pet; you need one. Why is that, you’re wondering? Because they’re good for your health—so good, in fact, that a furry friend could even help you live longer. Scientific research demonstrates that people with pets have a lower risk of heart disease as well as a stronger immune system, which means resistance to infection and fewer illnesses. If this sounds like a great deal to you, run out and get a kitten or puppy for the sake of your own well-being.

However, before you do, hold on a bit; after all, a pet is a major responsibility. They need constant love and care in order to thrive, including an awful lot of feeding, grooming, and walking. Here are some tips to make sure you’re ready for it all.

Get an Allergy Test

As much as you want a cat or dog, having one in the home would be intolerable if they leave you sniffing and sneezing constantly. Get an allergy test to see if you have such a reaction to either or both of these animals. Of course, you could always settle for a fish or turtle, neither of which will trouble you with their dander.

Find the Right Match

If all is quiet on the allergy front, devote some time to researching what breed of dog or cat would suit you best. That, of course, depends on your lifestyle, including how active you are. If you’re not keen on running around outside, then a spirited Dalmatian or husky might not be the best bet. Look into something lazier, or go the feline route.

Consider Their Happiness

Imagine a fully grown border collie bouncing off the walls in a tiny studio apartment in New York. Do you think they’re happy? Probably not, as there’s not enough space for them to stretch their legs, let alone exercise. Make sure you can offer your companion a living space suited to their needs. Luckily, that’s not too difficult when it comes to cats, but dogs are another story.

Learn Their Behavior

Meeting the needs of a dog or cat is much easier if you know what they’re trying to tell you. That’s what barking and meowing are: ways of communicating. The same goes for non-verbal cues such as excessive panting or chewing, which may signal that something’s amiss and your companion needs your attention.

Prepare Your Home

Speaking of chewing, it can be downright dangerous for cats or dogs if there’s a cable in their mouth and not a rubber bone. Pet-proofing your home would keep that hazard and others away from your beloved pet. American Humane recommends putting medication, cleaners, and chemicals on high shelves, for starters.

Buy the Right Supplies

A bowl, a collar, and a crate are just the beginning of the long list of items for your pet. You should also give some thought to cleaning up all that dirt and hair that dogs and cats carry. You’ll need an air purifier for the aforementioned dander. Some models are better and more affordable than others—and the same goes for their filters—so shop around, read reviews, and study features closely to choose the right one.

Help Them Acclimate

Your pet is moving into a strange environment, and that’s likely to make them anxious, especially if you’ve adopted a rescue who’s had a hard life on the streets. The first rule is to not throw a welcome home party, as that would be far too stressful. Instead, give the critter some quiet time to sniff around and get to know the place.

Fit Them in Your Schedule

Bonding with your pet doesn’t happen automatically. You have to spend time with them to build trust and affection, with a bit of play and a lot of treats. And don’t forget to divvy up the chores, such as feeding, among the whole household.

Follow these tips and your pet will be as comfy in your home as you. They deserve it, considering all the health benefits they provide. Enjoy your life with that new furry friend.

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Special Thanks to 
Jessica Brody from our best-friends for sharing all this information with us! :)

We all need to take these helpful tips into consideration when we want to bring a furry friend home! I know I am! I can't wait to adopt a puppy in need of all my love!

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